Wireframe | I've been nominated into the UX Designers Hall of Frame

Without U I will Fall.

Wireframes are essential, crucial, functional, and !Important

There was a time when I designed and skipped this vital step. So my work always ended up with no backbone. Looking back I found them gutless and lacked stability.

Its not that I wasn't trained

But I chose to negelect the design process and thought that it wasn't an integral part anymore.

I now admit I was completely wrong. I now see it that structural integrity is the foundation of any good design.

Mobile Wireframes

Again, my love child app. Currently under design process

From the Case Study

More samples from the Stone Case Study

Mitch's Surfshop

Another case study I made for Mitch's Surfshop

Nike Vision Kiosk

Rapid UI Design can be accomplished when time is a factor. Starting with wireframes makes this possible.

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