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User Research and User Testing

I take a lot of pride and joy in this. This is where science meets the arts. In a world where everything has to be done yesterday. Its nice to take a step back and see the big picture. Asking questions and not overlooking potential problems is a must.

Conducting an experiment is a challenge I welcome with open arms. Its the perfect reflection of one's work. And what better way to see flaws and have the chance to correct them before doing a product release.

preppers autonomous

Usability Test Report

This evaluation report is for a site currently under development. For this purpose, I created a fictitious brand.

Evaluation Report

The evaluation process was a combination of controlled and natural settings. I was able to test two groups at two different times. A total of seven individuals who were kind enough to help me get this project done. One thing I would like to mention is I made a little mistake when testing the prototype with the first half of my subjects. My mistake was testing a previous iteration of my prototype to my first group. It was the checkout page illustrated below. Fig.1. So for our purpose due to lack of resources, we will call this the independent variable in our experiment. Fortunately I was able to conduct a second experiment with a corrected iteration. Illustrated above in Fig 2.


Fig 1. Was one of the earlier iterations of the checkout page. Specifically the shipping section. It was suggested that I revise this form because the text fields were out of order and disorganized.


Fig 2. Checkout page with new iteration

Other than that, the evaluation process produced great results. My process consisted of giving each user the same them task of first, looking around the site, then navigating through products, and then making a purchase and finally going through check out.

I then conducted an interview with each user by asking them what they liked and didn’t like. I asked them what was confusing to them and if they had a choice what would they change in the site to make their experience better.

User Feedbacks and Comments



Overall the site looks great! I like the landing page. Its pretty self explanatory. I can get around really quick and easy. If there is one thing I would change, it would be the checkout page. I found it a bit confusing.



This site is great! I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. I have a family and with all the stuff that’s going on, you really have to start answering the question of what ifs. The site is easy to get around. I thought the process of buying a product was good as well. I do think that the check out page needs work. I thought it was confusing and out of order.



I love the idea even though I’m an optimistic. I don’t think bad things will ever happen. But I can see this being a hit with the pepper community. Those guys are crazy and paranoid. Haha! I think the sliders on the front page were awesome. Although at first I didn’t know I could click on the blocks. The checkout page was kind of messed up. I wasn’t used to seeing that so it needs work. You should make it look like most check out pages where everything is in one column and goes all the way from top to bottom.



I like the design a lot. Its nice and clean. I was hoping it was all click-able but I do understand that this is just a prototype. The recently viewed future is pretty cool. And the pepper list doesn’t work for me. You should just have it non scrollable and make it as a complete list. The checkout didn’t make complete sense for the address.



I enjoyed using the site. This is a great idea! We really need something like this in India. Half of my family is without water, food or shelter right now because of a terrible storm. We have 15 feet of water flooding our streets. I wish this site was avaialble now.



The site was easy to use. I can't really complain about anything. I found everything rigth away. (Ha! My favorite kind of user!)



Thank you for the test. There were a couple of thing I didn’t like. In the category page, I wished it did not have all products displayed, so I know that the items on the top filtered the results beneath. I also found it odd I didn’t know where I was in the product page. It should tell me where I am at.

Video Documentation | User Kemia

Here is documentation of one of our users Kemia doing the usability test of Preppers Autonomous. This is a video recording of her screen and her face to track her expression and reactions.

Proposed Solutions

Nick really liked the front page but he was thrown of that the top slider actually had controllers. So here are some features he would like to see.

Rick liked the design but he disagreed that the prepper list was designed well.

Chad really liked the site. But he is one the users who experienced a different design in the checkout page.

Ethical Issues

Due to lack of funds and resources, instead of getting a written consent and signature. I explained verbally the agreement with each user before conducting the experiment.


With the data and observations presented here, I am confident Preppers Autonomous will have a successful user experience. Our user test shows that Preppers Autonomous can become a great success and a great resource for the community. I will make the suggested revisions from the users. I believe collaborating with users is crucial to making this successful.

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