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ERIN “Ready Jet Set Go!”

  • Age: 26
  • Status: Single
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Occupation: Travelling Nurse

I wish there was a way to tell all my friends my adventures in a really fun way.


Erin is a free spirit and she loves to travel the world. She loves it so much she made her career as a travelling nurse. One can say that she is a social-butterfly! The life of a party. She knows a lot of people because she has gone to so many places. She enjoys telling everyone stories of where she has been and what she has done. Erin is pretty thoughtful too. She may have a lot of friends, but she does a select few that she keeps in constant contact. Just like most women her age, she loves to have fun and explore. She is always on the go. One day she’s at home in San Diego, the next day she is in Morocco for a week. I think that’s why she is single. One day she will settle down. But for now, she is spreading her wings. After all she is doing what she loves. Her main goal is helping people and traveling the world!


Erin just got assigned a new job at a hospital in Paris. This is her first time in Paris so she wanted to make the big announcement by telling her friends

Product Details

My product is a Social Gaming App, called CaCaw App. It’s a Social App because it focuses on what, where, when, and with whom is the user doing something doing at any given time. There is a big emphasis on the relevance of what the user wants to share to his/her friends. Is it music they listen too? Will the users friends be able to guess what he sound byte of music he or she just recorded? The places they have visited or they are visiting? Will they be able to guess where he is just buy taking a picture of a clue? A moment they want to share with everyone? Can their friends guess what he is about to do with a video?.

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