48 Hour Film Festival Movie called Homeward Boogie by Running Shadow Productions.
Cast: Randy Davison, Steve Walters, Bryan Spencer, Angie Englebert, Yanellie Ireland, Reed Willard, Michael MInto, Devin Hennessy, Tiffany Tang, Tracy Blair. Directed by Todd Whittington. Written by Ryan Whalen, Todd Whittington and Randy Davison. Edited by Marci Pascua, Kerrie Chestnutt, Todd Whittington and Ryan Rivera. Cameras: Ryan Rivera, MIke Novido, and Aly Bucholz. Asistant Director: Ryan Whalen. Prodcution Coordinator: Aly Bucholz. Talent Coordinator: Tiffany Tang. Cinematographer: Ryan Rivera. Production Assitants: Alysun Kurz, Kerrie Chestnut and Byran Spencer. Sound: Marci PAscua and Bryan Spencer. Hair/Makeup: Veronica Moreno. Graphics: Mike Novido. Behind the scenes: Marci Pascua and Kerry Chestnutt. Special Thanks to Kimberly Ireland, Lil Bear, Kerrie Chestnutt, Matt Rose, El Comal Restaurant, Mrs Herrera and Staff, Tara & Ryan Dell, Chris Seyer.

This is the second video I have ever shot and edited. This music video actually has more scenes than just the band playing. We are still in the process of shooting and editing. I just did this because I wanted to see if I can really shoot and edit on my own. Just another skill set that I want to offer. Plus I love it!


2012 48 Hour Film Project  called Re•prise by Running Shadow Productions.

2012 Project with my buddy, Adam Lanser

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