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Viskus - Get a Grip on What Matters Most (I came up with that tag-line)

Viskus Envelope

Where does it end?

Design does not end. I guess it will end when people stop caring. But for now all we can do is keep on looking ahead. From the time man discovered fire, we have been designing for necessity.


One of my surfing buddies invented this product. And because I saw an opportunity to apply UX, I partnered with him. Because I believed what a great way to really take the users experience to another level. A product / brand that they can experience in so many ways.

Viskus is basically grip tape for your surfboard. It take the hassle of dealing with surf wax.

Viskus Responsive Site

Since the product was pretty dialed in, I didn't need to put my two cents on how to make a better one. If pro surfers gave it the two thumbs up, I'm pretty sure Viksus had already achieved a great user expereince.

However, the website was a different story. So far the site I designed is doing well. I'm pretty sure there will be a ton of itterations when we start scaling production.

The Delivery Experience

Viskus Front

I didn't think twice when I sat down with the inventor. I knew that once a user orders their product it would come in the mail. Packaging was key to a great experience. I had many obstacles to face. Cost, delivery method, looks, and resusability of the container.

I think I saw about 5-7 designs for packaging. Non of them really worked. Especially the cost. The previous designers who worked on the packaging were just regular graphic designers. They weren't really thinking of how the user would like to receive their product

Viskus Clam

The package was modeled after the ol' Netflix DVD delivery system combined with the clamshell presentation inspired twist. Our users were floored and gave triple shakas!


If used properly, video can be a powerful tool. Here is a video header snippet which shows how the product works.

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