Brainstorm | When great things happen.

Critical Thinking is key.


This initial process allows me to get traction. Some designers jump into the computer right away without thinking. So yeah! I'm really against that kind of thinking. The "shooting first ask questions later" can be a very expensive and can cause one to lose his or her job. This is how I see brainstorming. Having the ability to think and putting that vision down on paper. Something special happens when we start writing things out. Ideas are born. Some go in the waste basket but every once in awhile a an awesome idea comes to life and start to take shape. Sketching my ideas gives me vision.

CaCaw App

This is an app I came up with last year. Its an app I specifically designed based on the principles of UX. Hopefully I will get to finish this app before smart phones go out of style. Haha!

Planar Technologies

This is for a bid on doing a UI/UX project for Planar Technologies. They asked to come up with two UX Concepts that could be appied with their exisitng technology. They wanted concepts for their translucent Oled displays.

Planar Technologies | UI/UX Concepts


The surrounding environment can be anywhere indoors. It can be in a home, or perhaps a hotel lobby, a game room / arcade, in the mall. For this purpose it will be in a home. In the living room.

This rendering shows a guy playing a music game. He plays behind the screen so that his friends can watch him triumph or fail! Truly an immerse experience for all.

Content Design 1: Games such as Guitar Hero or Rockband can really be taken by Planar into new heights. Imagine hanging out with your family or friends and just rockin’ out to one of your favorite songs. Finally you can say you were on television.

This rendering shows two people interacting with each other in a game. She looks like she’s about to serve her friend an ace! 15 - Love!

Content Design 2: Planar can bring interactivity into a whole new level. Think of games such as tennis, boxing or even a western showdown! The possibilities are endless for head to head games.

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